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12 Premium Mockups for Your Awesome Web Presentation

As a web designer, after you finished your design the next important step is web presentation. This is crucial, since if you can’t show the best from your design in professional way, you can’t engage the clients and customers. So to help you I have collected 12 Premium Website Presentation PSD Mockups start from $4 – $12. In this post, you can find many different…

The Pros and Cons of A One-Page Website

One-page websites are very frequent nowadays and it seems that Internet users are extremely satisfied with this format. A one-page website is one that is constituted from a single webpage and usually, the user must scroll to visit the entire website. Usually, these are flat based and any transition between webpages is realized using a jQuery sliding effect. Somehow, we may say that a flat…

What Should You Know About Parallax Scrolling

Let’s be honest with us: between clients and designers there will be always communication problems. At the first sight it may be annoying, but in fact it’s totally normal. Each trade has its specific vocabulary and it’s impossible for someone to know everything. i.e., I am very impressed by medics that tell tons of unknown words to inform that someone has fever. The design world…

How To Design a Simple and Flat vCard in Photoshop

vCard or Virtual Card is a very simple Portfolio Website. There are only a single page portfolio, with your photo, your name and your specialiation also some social accounts. So to help you in designing your own vCard, in this tutorial we’ll be creating a simple vcard in flat design with the time estimation is 45 minutes. Let’s get started!

15 Best Flat Responsive Portfolio Website Templates

We are continue to publish best portfolio website templates series posts to help you creative peoples build beautiful, great looking and professional websites with the price below $50, previously we have 10 minimal wordpress portfolio themes that will help visitors focus on your contents and faster website.

Case Study: How To Create a Portfolio for A Photographer

Even if a web designer spends the most part of his working time in an office, it doesn’t mean that his job is boring and lacks any extreme situations. It’s true that the adrenaline level isn’t the same as the one of a hitman, but undoubtedly there are tons of difficult moments and a huge pressure when a new product is delivered to the customer.

A Showcase of 20 Super Minimalist Portfolio Websites

What I liked from minimalist design in a portfolio website is simplicity, so it will keep the visitors focused on the most important information presented by the website. The most important factor from a minimalist website are they often using very few colors and mostly focusing on typography. So to help you get some inspiration, today I’ll bring for you 20 Beautiful Minimalist in Portfolio…

Designing a Website: The Steps Before Effectively Create The Layout

Many people consider that building a website is a very demanding task and only the most talented designers can create one. It’s partially true because nowadays almost everyone may launch a website! Much more, a nice website may be created and added online in just a half an hour! WordPress and Blogger are two amazing platforms for launching websites and the maintenance of these is…