40 Brilliant iOS App Icon Designs for Inspiration

Your app icon is the first thing a user see on the app store and then the first thing they see when it’s actually downloaded on their device. And there isn’t much space to play around so this tiny picture has to do all the work, giving an intuitive representation of what users are going to get with the app. Thats the challenge for designers to produce a stunning and extraordinary icon designs as you can see in this post.

Here, I’ve collected some of the brilliant iOS icons that I found on and to help you get some inspiration. If you’re in a project in designing an iOS app or have the will to designing one, hopefully this collection will become your first source of inspiration, so don’t forget to bookmark! 🙂

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Overgram iPhone App Icon — Stage 3 by Ramotion

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Photo Quality Check app icon by Romeu Peitinho

GoPro HERO3 iOS App Icon by Mitchell Franzi

Font Candy app icon by Tomas Marek

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Grill iOS Icon by ALEX BENDER

Alarm App Icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Briefscase App Icon by Louie Mantia

Coke Machine iOS App Icon by ALEX BENDER

Instagram App Icon by Edgar Rios

Transparent iOS App Icon by Aurora Pleguezuelo

Video Intercom App Icon by Alexander Trukhin

Camera App Icon by Harshil Acharya

Medical App Icon by Tanveer Kayani

Dribbble App icon by Ramotion

Yasound Icon by Artua Design Agency

Wind Master App Icon by Artua Design Agency

Flight Tracker App Icon by Harshil Acharya

Game “Defense Battle” by Prokofyeva Tatsyana

Mixer App iOS Icon by ALEX BENDER

Tracking App Icon by Artua Design Agency

iOS App Icon Woofer by Skip Designers

iNvoice App Icon by Expressive Media

Electric range iOS icon by ALEX BENDER

Jokes App Icon by Artua Design Agency

Lomo Camera iOS App Icon by Hugo Franca

Leica Raw Edition iOS icon by ALEX BENDER

RTS Game App Icon by Jivaldi

Localscope App Icon v2 by SoftFacade

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