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How To Make a Simple and Responsive Flat Slideshow (HTML/CSS)

In this tutorial we’ll create a super simple slideshow with flat design style. Featured with fully responsive and zooming effect if image hover. Perfect for your photo gallery or portfolio. The slideshow design is from our Free Flat Slider PSD template. And we’ll be using WooThemes FlexSlider since it has GPL license, also very easy to customize. So, let’s get started! The Assets Please download…

How to Create Your Own Isometric Mockup in 30 Minutes or Less

After you have create the website layout, mobile app, or web element for your design project, then you need to show it to everyone. With isometric mockup you can show your design in more elegant, attractive and unique way. Today we will Create a Simple Isometric Mockup for your web or mobile app element design with Photoshop. So let’s get started! STEP 1: PREPARE THE…

Save Your Time by Using Photoshop Actions

Photoshop has many great feature to help designer making their job easier. One of this feature is “ACTIONS”. Today I wanna tell you how to use “ACTIONS” in Photoshop and how this feature will help you finish your job quickly. Recommended Reading: 5 Easy Photoshop Tips to Improve Your Design Works (and Avoid Beginner Mistakes) What is Actions Actions is a feature that allow you…

Create a Simple Media Player in Photoshop

Interested to create your own simple media player? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple media player using Adobe Photoshop with the time estimation is only 30 minutes. Let’s get started!

How To Design a Simple and Flat vCard in Photoshop

vCard or Virtual Card is a very simple Portfolio Website. There are only a single page portfolio, with your photo, your name and your specialiation also some social accounts. So to help you in designing your own vCard, in this tutorial we’ll be creating a simple vcard in flat design with the time estimation is 45 minutes. Let’s get started!

The Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Released in 2013

Learning by doing is quite probable the best method of learning. Practicing everyday and treating seriously the work is the best approach in order to become a specialist, no matter the activity field. In the web design world, this method is even more obvious. No matter how talented a designer is, without practicing he will become, sooner or later, outdated. Fortunately, there are tons of…

Photoshop Basics: Be Smart with Smart Object

After a year I’m using smart object in Photoshop, I can say it’s a great features and I think it will be useful for you. So.. today I wanna share my experience about it. In this post, you’ll learn the definition, how to use and get the benefits of use Photoshop Smart Object on your design project. Let’s get started!