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A Showcase of iOS App UI and Icons by Ramotion Inc.

Introduce Ramotion Inc. a digital design agency specializing in brand identity, mobile apps and web products for startups and businesses, based on San Fransisco, CA, USA. The Ramotion team consist of young and extraordinary people who are crazy about Applications, User Interfaces and Icons. With clients include Adobe, BMW, App Annie,, Heyday, Osmo, AppAdvice, HackerRank. Here, in this post we’ll showcase their awesome iOS…

27 Awesome Mobile UI and Icon Designs by Alexandr Nohrin

Alexandr Nohrin is a UI/UX/WEB/3D designer from Moldova with 7 years of experience in design industry. His specialize in design of app icons, user friendly interfaces, mobile apps and games. He has passionate about design and always try to create something useful and beautiful. Here I have collect some of his awesome works:

35 Beautiful Flat Mobile App Landing Page Designs

A well-designed landing page can give an impact that the product being promoted through it. Like your mobile app, with a great landing page design you can grab more customers easier also with a good logo they can increase your business and increase your brand. Flat design is still become a trend today and if you put flat design style in your landing page, it…

30 Awesome Football App Designs for Your Inspiration

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 the world’s most viewed sporting event is ongoing at this time. And with rapidly growing mobile technologies, you’re able to view the live match, check the live score, read the news and prediction and more related FIFA World Cup 2014 events by using your smartphone. And here, I have collected 30 awesome Football App designs that would inspire you. Enjoy!!

Inspired Designer: Eye Candy Designs by Creative Mints

His name is Mike, designer that behind Creative Mint’s awesome artworks. He is a graphic designer from Prague with more than 12 years of experience. He create logotypes, icons, illustrations. He also design websites, applications, games, and user interfaces. Take a look these some of his awesome designs:

25 Beautiful Flat Portfolio Website Designs

Flat design is still a trend and used by many designers today. I think it because can makes the readers focus on the content by eliminating heavy background images, swirls, grunge that makes everything cluttered. Previously I have awesome collection of flat mobile ui designs, and today I have put together 25 Beautiful Designer Flat Portfolio Websites for your inspiration. I believe you’ll find one…

15 Awesome Examples of Flat Mobile UI Designs

What makes flat design has become increasingly popular for designers and developers across the globe? Flat design focuses on typography and colors instead of visual effects like 3D elements and drop shadows. And today it considered a standard in mobile app design. So today I have a collection of handpicked and finely crafted flat mobile app ui designs to share with you. I hope you…

The Best CSS Frameworks of 2017

Developing a website or a web application is easier today thanks to the wide selection of frameworks and tools available to developers. A lot of time and resources can be saved during the development process, because there is no need to build everything from scratch. Frameworks, particularly front-end frameworks or CSS frameworks, also allow developers to follow design standards and provide the best user experience….

22 Clean and Minimal Portfolio Website Designs

The mean of minimal design in portfolio websites is focus on typography and your portfolio contents. This design layout help visitors focused on the most important information on your website, improving user engagement and also improving website load times. Previously we have a showcase of 20 Super Minimalist Portfolio Websites, and today we have another 22 collection for your inspiration. Let’s take a look!

15 Amazing Galleries to Exhibit Your Website

In the last months we, the staff behind this blog, tried to offer to our readers a complete review of the work of a web designer. We established the moral profile of a web designer and we also introduced an algorithm of creation. We can’t say that it is the perfect solution, but it’s a framework that worked for us and many other people. Here…

A Showcase of 20 Super Minimalist Portfolio Websites

What I liked from minimalist design in a portfolio website is simplicity, so it will keep the visitors focused on the most important information presented by the website. The most important factor from a minimalist website are they often using very few colors and mostly focusing on typography. So to help you get some inspiration, today I’ll bring for you 20 Beautiful Minimalist in Portfolio…