Infographic: The Phenomenon of Flappy Bird Game (Love it or Hate it)

Have you ever played the Flappy Bird game? How is your impression of the game? A glance, the game doesn’t look too special, starting from a very simple graphics and created by a developer who is not famous. But, why The Flappy Bird is become very popular in a very short time?

Precisely shortcomings of the game that is the excess. The Flappy Bird is can play by everyone – man, women, young, or old and without the need of a special skill, but it’s very difficult to complete the mission let alone finish it.

So makes everyone curious and feel very annoyed. Besides that the social media – Twitter that make the app spread quickly, where users could easyly share their high scores with their followers and vent their overhelming frustation.

The Flappy Bird game was created by Dong Nguyen from Vietnam, and it’s first release in May 2013, the become very popular until it reaches 50 million downloads and make $50,000 per day from a single banner.

But in February 2014, the developer of Flappy Bird shut it all down with only a tweet, as you can discover in the following infographic, originally published by

In this infographic, you’ll see the timeline of The Flappy Bird game from the first time release to the developer removed from App Store and Google Play store.

Flappy Bird: A Legend in Its Own Time

Flappy Bird Infographic

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