Investing in Quality: The Best Equipment for Product Photography

Do you own or run an online store owner? Do you also want to take your business to the next level? If the answer to either or both of these questions is “yes”, you should consider investing in top-notch equipment for product photography.

Good product photography is a crucial part of any modern online business, especially in the modern digital era. Consumers rely to a large extent on product images to help them make purchase decisions.

The quality of the images you upload to your online store can make or break a sale, so if you’re looking to move a lot of products and make good profits, you need to invest in the best equipment for product photography.

This article explores the most vital equipment you need to consider when looking to do high-quality product photography.


Needless to say, the camera is the most crucial piece of equipment in product photography or any other kind of photography.

You need to buy or hire a camera with a high-resolution sensor, nothing less than 20 megapixels, so you can capture the finest details and a wide range to ensure a balanced exposure.

Typically, you can be sure that high-end DSLR cameras will help you take excellent quality images and they are versatile. In addition, mirrorless cameras have proved to be great as they have made significant strides lately.


If you’re to produce excellent product photos like those captured by pros such as Squareshot, you also need to invest in top-quality lenses.

As you put together your equipment for product photography, get prime lenses with a fixed focal length, say 100 mm, 85 mm, 50 mm, and so on.

Product photographers like these kinds of lenses because of their sharpness, and their capacity to make beautiful background blurs.

And to capture intricate details, you need to have macro lenses. As you choose your lenses, ensure they complement the size of your camera’s sensor.

Lighting equipment

You will also need to set up the best lighting if you’re to capture great product images. So, in your set of equipment for product photography, have some professional lighting equipment.

Although natural light can work well, it’s a tall order to get it just right. This explains why many photographers use studio lighting setups, including strobes, soft boxes, and continuous lights.

You need to know how to use it because soft diffused lighting minimizes harsh shadows and highlights, giving your product a more appealing look.


It is essential to have a stable platform to eliminate any chance of camera instability or shake, to guarantee consistent, sharp shots.

As part of your equipment for product photography, invest in a sturdy tripod. The best tripods should be made of quality materials and have a head with precise adjustments to allow you to position your camera as you want for the best photos.

Backgrounds and props

Photography is all about storytelling using images, and your choice of background can affect the mood and the story you want to tell with your product photography.

When assembling your equipment for product photography, use appealing backgrounds and props but make sure they don’t draw too much attention away from the products you are trying to highlight!

Our suggested props include seamless paper rolls, evenly textured surfaces such as stone or wood, and fabric backdrops. The props you select should complement your products’ look and purpose.


It is always a worthwhile decision to invest in a good camera and lighting equipment for product photography. It can result in top-notch visuals to help drive your sales.

As a final, thought, besides the above-mentioned items, you need to also invest in a product turntable to rotate your product smoothly for easy capturing of objects from all angles, and post-processing software to enhance your product shots.