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Website Designer: 5 Tips for a Student to Start

For many students, a design career seems like an attractive idea. However, it is quite challenging to understand where to start. In this article, we will share the experience of experienced designers and consider what you need to know before you begin your career. It’s okay if you start your career from scratch, in the real world, you can always find your niche and develop…

How To Win Logo Design Contests: 5 Winning Strategies For Graphic Designers

Graphic designers know all about the hustle—it’s a tough industry to break into and, at first, can seem like a thankless task. You need to build a reputation and get some real work experience under your name—which is why logo designs contests, like 99designs, are so enticing for newcomers. These contests can totally work: they’re basically a big “Now Hiring” sign, but it’s been estimated…

A Showcase of iOS App UI and Icons by Ramotion Inc.

Introduce Ramotion Inc. a digital design agency specializing in brand identity, mobile apps and web products for startups and businesses, based on San Fransisco, CA, USA. The Ramotion team consist of young and extraordinary people who are crazy about Applications, User Interfaces and Icons. With clients include Adobe, BMW, App Annie, Secret.ly, Heyday, Osmo, AppAdvice, HackerRank. Here, in this post we’ll showcase their awesome iOS…

27 Awesome Mobile UI and Icon Designs by Alexandr Nohrin

Alexandr Nohrin is a UI/UX/WEB/3D designer from Moldova with 7 years of experience in design industry. His specialize in design of app icons, user friendly interfaces, mobile apps and games. He has passionate about design and always try to create something useful and beautiful. Here I have collect some of his awesome works:

Inspired Designer: Eye Candy Designs by Creative Mints

His name is Mike, designer that behind Creative Mint’s awesome artworks. He is a graphic designer from Prague with more than 12 years of experience. He create logotypes, icons, illustrations. He also design websites, applications, games, and user interfaces. Take a look these some of his awesome designs:

The Comprehensive Guide of How To Evolve in Freelance Career

The majority of web designers are making a huge mistake – they are too busy with accomplishing the projects to do and neglect the career evolution. The term “career” sounds abstract for many web designers, but no doubt, many chances are wasted by ignoring it. It’s ironically; lots of designers are making tons of plans for their new websites, but ignore to plan their future!

Save Your Time by Using Photoshop Actions

Photoshop has many great feature to help designer making their job easier. One of this feature is “ACTIONS”. Today I wanna tell you how to use “ACTIONS” in Photoshop and how this feature will help you finish your job quickly.

8 Important Tips to Improve Your Design Workflow

Every each of us is interested in becoming a better person. It’s the fundament of the human evolution and every serious web design blog should offers tips about how to become better designers to readers. It’s simple to say, but could you practically turn into a better designer? Much more, how could someone compare two layouts and decide that one is better than the other?…

10 Other Valuable Advice for Newbie Designers

This post is a continuation of our previous article: 10 Great Advice from Designer to Designer. I think by learning the designer experience and follow their advice like – “Be careful, Trends come and go”; “never stop practicing, learning, evolving and experiencing new things”; “Avoid the vacuum, be humble, laugh and more advice” – you’ll avoid and learn from their mistakes. Here are the other…

Designer Salary Unveil – 13 Creative Infographics

Wanna begin your career as a designer? Become a designer is an attractive and exiting career for people who love design. But do you know how much to the designers make? What is top paid designer jobs? And what skills you need to have? Today, I have 13 interesting infographics related with designer salary around the world and also many interesting bits and bytes from…