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The Pros and Cons Being Freelancer (Infographic)

Being a freelance offers fantastic benefits – flexible hours, more control and creative independence but freelancing has its pitfalls. These include: unemployment, scraping by, lack of healthcare, and getting stiffed of their pay by employers. This infographic by MastersDegree.net have compiled a great information related with freelancing – the freelancing population, and its perks and pitfalls of freelancing. A surprising 80% of freelancers have dealt…

The Comprehensive Guide of How To Evolve in Freelance Career

The majority of web designers are making a huge mistake – they are too busy with accomplishing the projects to do and neglect the career evolution. The term “career” sounds abstract for many web designers, but no doubt, many chances are wasted by ignoring it. It’s ironically; lots of designers are making tons of plans for their new websites, but ignore to plan their future!