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22 Clean and Minimal Portfolio Website Designs

The mean of minimal design in portfolio websites is focus on typography and your portfolio contents. This design layout help visitors focused on the most important information on your website, improving user engagement and also improving website load times. Previously we have a showcase of 20 Super Minimalist Portfolio Websites, and today we have another 22 collection for your inspiration. Let’s take a look!

A Showcase of 20 Super Minimalist Portfolio Websites

What I liked from minimalist design in a portfolio website is simplicity, so it will keep the visitors focused on the most important information presented by the website. The most important factor from a minimalist website are they often using very few colors and mostly focusing on typography. So to help you get some inspiration, today I’ll bring for you 20 Beautiful Minimalist in Portfolio…

15 Super Minimal Book Cover Designs for Your Inspiration

An eye-catching book cover design can attract prospective buyers, it can make people pick the book up and read the back cover. And have minimal design in your book cover will make people focus on the most important content. White space, balance and typography are all important elements for pulling this minimal look. In this post, I have collected a list of minimal book cover…