HubSpot Homepage Critical Elements

Infographic: What Are the Critical Elements for Your Homepage

What is the main objective of your homepage? Do you feel your homepage designs has successfully achieved the targets you expect? How to attract more traffic, educate your visitors then convert them into buyers?

The answer is, your homepage should have the most critical elements, no matter you like them or not. Since your visitors needs a way to identify your content quickly and easily.

In this infographic that originally published by will show you what are the most critical elements for your homepage to achieve all of your objectives above. Let’s take a look and implement these 12 Critical Elements, but always do optimization.

Homepage Critical Elements

Homepage Critical Elements

Your Turn

Put all of these 12 critical elements above will help you improve the performance of your homepage and get more leads.

Do you have any other critical elements to put? Please share with us in the comments below.