5 Best Live Chat Softwares for Your Website

5 Best Live Chat Softwares for Your Website

Imagine this – you saw an ad for an incredible tech product just when you were looking for it. You visit the website, browse its features, and you land on its pricing page almost sure that you are ready to buy it instantly.

But alas!

The software is out of your budget.

Just when you are about to leave, a chat window pops up. An agent asks if you need any help with your purchase. The agent hears you out and offers a sale coupon that brings the software within your range.

You close the website with satisfaction knowing you made a great investment in the right tool.

This is the kind of customer experience possible with live chat software.

Ranking the best live chat software (free & paid)

Did you know that when they have sales query 82% of the consumers want an immediate response?

Many advanced live chat software also integrate with your CRM database allowing you to use the live chat window as a lead capture tool.

This section will list the best live chat software for your website.

#1. EngageBay

EngageBay Live Chat Software

EngageBay’s free live chat software enables companies to deliver individually personalized customer service experiences to their customers.

The software is free if your team has less than 15 members and can be bought without any credit card. Therefore, there is no fear of accidental charges.

It integrates with its CRM and lets you track a lead’s place in the customer journey. As this information is available to the sales agent, they can personalize their chat very effectively.

It has a smart yet simple interface that allows chat filtering and in-message search for quick access.

Not only can you transfer chats among sales agents, but you can also email the chat transcript to the customer at the end of the chat session (if they request it).

#2. SnapEngage

Snapengage Live Chat

SnapEngage is a paid live chat software with a premium pricing model. It provides certain key features that may appeal to you if you want high-end features.

With its customized workflows, mobile-optimized and omnichannel chats, you can capture even more leads.

Its least expensive plan sounds affordable at just $16/user/month. But you will end up paying $576 as your first payment because you will have to buy for at least 3 users and pay annually.

#3. Pure Chat

Pure Chat

You can empower Pure Chat: live chat software with major integrations in all three critical domains – sales, marketing, and support.

With real-time visitor analytics and contact history, you get the power of insights into user experience, traffic trends, and marketing campaign effectiveness. You can also trigger chats with your most-qualified prospects when they visit your website.

You also have options to capture more data before the chaat begins by enabling the pre-chat forms for the visitors to fill. It also has a Live Chat plugin for WordPress.

It provides a 30-day free trial after which you can continue using it by paying $39/month for all users (paid annually, at $468/year).

#4. Chaport

Chaport Live Chat

Chaport is a free live chat software for a single operator. For more than 1 operator, you will pay $9.80 per user per month when you pay annually.

Some of its features are designed to make live chat a more efficient activity for operators. For example, there are saved replies available that you can use to send instant replies to the most common questions. There is also a file sending feature which makes the live chat all the more efficient.

Chaport also provides a multi-lingual chat widget for native language conversations that enable instant connection with the prospect. Group chats, real-time reports, and website activity are some noteworthy features.

#5. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk entered the live chat software market with an acquisition of a live chat company to launch its own live chat plugin called Zendesk Chat.

With proactive chats, your agents can trigger a conversation to engage your prospects at the right moment. It also provides pre-chat forms to request information from a prospect and offline forms to store information while the support team is offline.

Some of its most unique live chat features include AI-powered chatbots and customer ratings for the chat.

At $14/agent/month (billed annually), Zendesk Chat is a powerful yet affordable live chat software.

Provide a better visitor experience with live chat

Some of the tools mentioned above also allow you to track the prospect in real-time so your agents can trigger a conversation at an appropriate moment.

The positive benefit of live chat software on your sales team can only be seen once you start using it. With the amount of information saturation your prospects experience in the modern world, it’s critical to employ the best tools available to capture leads before your brand slips off their mind.

Featured Image Credit: Illustration by AYUSHI ASWAL via Dribbble

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