How To Make Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing

How To Make Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is already being used by several industries to boost productivity and help companies to scale their business faster with accuracy. Along with this, this advanced technology is also creating a massive impact in the digital marketing industry.

As more people are coming online, companies are seeking the best possible ways to cater to them and generate higher revenue from them. To help companies, AI technology is playing a pivotal role in improving user base, revenue, organic traffic, and user experience.

If you are not into utilizing artificial intelligence in digital marketing, you are leaving too much money on the table. According to the latest survey, AI technology will be 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 and it’s a huge number.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing

In this article, we will have a look at how to make use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing and make the most profit from it.

Generating time-sensitive content

Don’t worry, artificial intelligence still can’t write content from scratch but, this technology can help you in generating plagiarism-free content by taking references from sources. There are several tools available in the market which can generate news, latest information by changing the content structure and keeping the meaning the same.

Generating Time Sensitive Content

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Several big publication companies have started using this tech to save time and serve users with content in the fastest way possible. If you are striving to generate more traffic for your news publication, or a magazine, you can leverage AI to generate content faster and serve your users with fresh content with minimum delay.

However, it will never replace humans in terms of content writing, and it can’t match the quality levels as we write. But, you can begin leveraging the potential of this modern advancement to increase your content frequency and engagement among users.

Content curation process

Content curation is a fundamental work that can be a deciding factor for your brand. AI can help you show more relevant content to users on your platform. Many AI-based platforms are available in the market which can help you curate content faster and engage social media users in a much efficient way.

By sensing a user’s interest in a platform, AI can suggest more related products or services to the users to improve the cross-sales. If we take the example of Amazon, you must have seen this— people who bought this also bought this. This is a perfect implementation of AI in content curation and selling more products by adding value to users’ online experience.

If you also run an eCommerce business, you can also implement AI to show users related and more relevant products and generate more sales. As the suggestions are based on users’ interaction patterns, there are high chances of conversions.

Personalized email marketing

Email marketing is one of the highest RoI-driven digital marketing practices that help you make more sales and also improve the customer retention rate. Based on user behaviors and preferences, you can shoot relevant emails to your customer segments. By doing this, you will attract two benefits — first, higher customer engagement rate and second, improved sales.

Several email marketing tools are available in the market that automatically groups the email list into segments after learning how they interact in initial 1-2 emails. Be it the right day, time, and format to send emails to auto-suggesting customers what to buy directly in emails, it has a lot of potential for your business growth.

With tools based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can improve your A/B testing and make the most of your campaigns. If you are not leveraging AI for email marketing, it’s high time to upgrade and bring more sales.

Targeted ads for higher revenue

With AI, you can run highly targeted ads for your brand and generate higher revenue for your business without harming the user experience. Facebook and Google’s Ad platforms are fully AI and ML-based and that is the reason why they are able to churn out higher ROIs for businesses.

To make your digital marketing efforts more efficient and value-driven, you can also opt for platforms like Facebook or Google’s Ad Words to optimize your ads as per the audience. The biggest advantage of running such ads is that the budget is not wasted and you get full value for your campaigns. And, as the ads are being served to interested individuals, the chances of conversations are very high.

With Google’s automatic auction-based system, your ads are optimized for the highest revenue generation with the lowest cost per conversion. That’s the reason Google’s Ad Words is highly-preferred among the marketing executives.

Optimizing the website for voice search

As more people are primarily shifted from desktops to smartphones for performing a variety of searches, AI can help you in optimizing your site for voice search. Several tools are available online that will help you find out the keywords that online users are searching for regarding your business domains. You can use those keywords, LSI, and long-term keywords to optimize the content and generate higher organic traffic.

As Google RankBrain algorithm is highly used by the search company to rank websites based on how users are interacting with them, optimizing for voice search is the future in 2021. Platforms like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home are making it much easier for users to search about anything with voice. And, it’s the right time for you to optimize your site and gain more traction than your competitors.

Better campaign testings

Just like A/B testing in email marketing, you can also A/B test your multiple landing pages and check which one is performing well. This is done through applications based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Features like heatmaps, scroll maps, and landing page recording helps the business owners to understand how visitors are interacting with their new pages.

If you were not A/B testing your landing pages, then it’s the right and high time to introduce this in your digital marketing strategy. It will give you significantly important insights that you can use to optimize your website’s design and get more conversions. If you don’t have an in-house team, then you can also hire a professional digital marketing company to get all these optimizations for your site.

Personalized UX

With the utilization of artificial intelligence, it’s possible to personalize the user experience on a website through intelligent algorithms. AI can view offers and content that are more suitable for each category of the user after analyzing thousands of data entities including location, demographics, and more.

There are tools available that let you make highly-targeted wireframes that are designed to bring a higher conversion rate. So, next time whenever you design a new page for your new services or products, search for tools that can help you design smart and highly interactive designs wireframes.

Smart chatbots

In this hyper-connected world where customers’ buying patterns have changed drastically, business availability has become important. As providing real human services 24×7 is not possible for most of the business, but you can still assist your customers in the best way possible.

With AI-based chatbots, you can let the smart algorithms cater to all queries of users with significantly satisfactory results. There are several formats that can you choose for your bot and configure as per your requirements.

Once the chatbot is ready, you don’t need to create an additional budget for hiring executives for off business hours. And, the good thing is that you will find these bots at a very economical expense for your business.

By leveraging these chatbots you can improve the overall experience for your customers and potential buyers. Many digital marketing teams of big brands are already using this technology to offer round the clock services to their user base.

Better data intelligence for digital marketing campaigns

With AI-based data analysis tools, you can process your website’s analytics in a better way and get more insights about how users are interacting. Based on the collected data, AI can recommend you suggestions that can bring more fruitful results.

Even Google Analytics has got many AI-based features and you can also search text-based queries in Analytics and get the data in a single click. This is a helpful addition that can make your data analysis tasks easier, faster, and more accurate.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are here to stay with us and it will make digital marketing practices more efficient and result-driven. There are so many applications of AI for digital marketing that you can leverage and scale your business’ profitability.

If you are not sure how to start with AI in your marketing tactics, it’s better to hire a good digital marketing agency that can help you analyze your business requirements in a better way. Draft bespoke AI-based campaigns for your business and drive more sales and traffic to your service or product-based website across the globe. As Google and other search engines are also focusing more on user experience, AI will definitely help in improving it for your users.

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