What Type Of Resistance Are Stopping eCommerce To Grow In 2021

What Type Of Resistance Are Stopping eCommerce To Grow In 2021

Since e-commerce has introduced it is surmounting a new level of success in the online business industry. Every possible retailer shop that is selling clothes, electric gadgets, food, general-grocery etc has switched their retail business to the online store or eCommerce themes Store.

Everything is available online, you barely have to go outside to purchase things from retail stores. Conversely, every good thing has a dark side and it can not be unseen easily. The internet is a gigantic digital world, therefore, you can find bad people here too in the form of bogus websites, malware, cyber attackers and so on.

In this sense, real eCommerce owners have become more aware of user data protection. Although, people have also become more aware of these cyber attacks since they have the internet in their pocket. Apart from other details, customers & owners are getting concerned over online payment transactions as it is a delicate process.

All hail to cybersecurity and other security systems to provide encoded transaction facilities so that customer’s transaction data can not be stolen by the attacker. Yet people are still finding difficulties in trusting eCommerce.

The Resistances that Stop eCommerce Grow

In this article, we have added some of the major problems and issues that e-commerce is still struggling with even in today’s pacing time.

#1. Still No Trust On eCommerce

From reading news of data breaching on Google people are fearful of giving their personal information to any eCommerce site. Especially their payment information. According to reports, about 70% of buyers prefer cash on delivery as their payment mode.

Still No Trust On eCommerce

People still don’t trust online transactions even if it’s Amazon.

If e-commerce stores want to win customers’ trust and if you want to gain trust from your customer then you should have to come up with embedded proof of security. ECommerce platforms are giving SSL certificates to make the transaction process safer.

If you are using Shopify themes then you don’t have to install SSL into it. Shopify provides an inbuilt version of it.

#2. Depending So Much On Google

There’s no doubt that Google is a gigantic search engine and everyone from multifarious industries wants to appear on its first page. conversely, this is where the trouble begins. Everyone especially, eCommerce store owners mainly depend on google to gain more customers.

Time has changed so does Google’s policies. Every year Google changes its condition to provide the best to users. If you are an eCommerce owner then please note that Google is not providing facility to you, it provides the facility to those who come to search you.

In recent times, Google has launched new conditions that if your or anyone’s website seems encrypted then google will label it as “unsafe”. It’s an extraordinary step towards saving people from becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

#3. Improper Digital Strategy

In the sense to earn more from e-commerce, merchants forget about the strategy of digital marketing. Of course, we are all here to get great ROI conversely, it wouldn’t be done without a proper marketing strategy.

E-commerce owners should understand the fact that this digital platform is based on proper digital marketing. If it wouldn’t apply it properly then, it will end up recommending the unnecessary product to those who don’t even want it.

The arguments may arise that, “we have already taken marketing steps by using social media, email marketing, SEO and PPC. owners should understand that these are only mediums, what gets customers on your store is your strategy.

However, if you are using BigCommerce themes then it will help you to manage all your customer’s data and help to recommend the product to the right person.

#4. Bad Shopping Experience

Bad Shopping Experience

One of the vital aspects and give every e-commerce owner a nightmare “The Bad Shopping Experience”. If your customers witness a bad experience at your store then the chances are less for you if they return to your store again. People are generally attached to your store in a matter of time, and if you destroy that experience, then there wouldn’t be any reasons for them to remove that proximity with your store.

The competition is at its peak and still rising simultaneously in e-commerce. According to superoffice.com, 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 more people and 1 in 3 customers leave the brand they love after just one bad experience.

Using PrestaShop themes not only helps you to improve your customer’s experience, but it also makes your customers visit your store without even being told or forced by you to visit your store again.

#5. Maintaining Customers Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an unstable thing, even with the best-designed eCommerce store with a large variety of products and easy functionalities.

Without customer support, any eCommerce business may struggle for obtaining a new customer is more costly than maintaining existing ones.

Customer support is important for brand principal and mutual trust between a customer and a seller.

As there is no interaction between seller and customer like a physical retail store, the development of trust and support takes much time and effort in an online eCommerce business.

So if you want to build trust and want support back from customers you will need to implement some steps that will help you and build bonds with your customers.

Maintaining Customers Loyalty

Some of the tips are mentioned below :

Tip #1: Add a live chat

Having a live chat feature can be helpful to interact with customers and helping them to get their desired products can be helpful to make your customers feel that they are shopping from a physical store. This can be helpful to gain customer’s trust and your business can be best in the customer’s eyes.

Tip #2: Be transparent

As much as you keep your business transparent your customer can be more clear about what your business is all about. Displaying your business address, adding a phone number for customer service, adding customer reviews for encouraging new store visitors, etc. This reveals your online eCommerce business with an approachable dimension.

Tip #3: Publishing blog articles

writing blogs for the products or services you sell can be helpful to gain new customers who are already searching for what you are selling.

If written well by using relevant keywords that are used naturally can help you rank higher in search engines which can drive more traffic to your store organically.

#6. Cart Abandonment

This is one of the biggest problems eCommerce businesses are suffering. So if you are the one struggling through this problem you should focus on the following things:

Redesigning your shopping cart

if your eCommerce has a complicated checkout process, you must focus on providing a smooth checkout experience. Once you make the checkout process easier for your customers you will see that there will be less cart abandonment.

Optimize your cart for mobile devices

most of the online sales are being made from mobile devices. So fast loading time, optimized images and disabling pop-ups on mobile devices means fewer barriers for customers to complete the purchase.

Use retargeting marketing

Retargeting strategy is the best strategy for marketing your products online to the visitors who already visited your online store and visiting specific product pages. Customers you retarget shows up and convert to sales, so Implementing this strategy for your business can help you to grow your sales.

#7. Forget About Mobile Phone Users

In this pacing world, people are now more relying on mobile phones. From getting information to shop something, everything can be done easily from the mobile phone.

A gigantic firm like Amazon introduced its application for mobile phone users. For instance, now every e-commerce company is launching an application for mobile phone users and providing the best user experience.

If you are not thinking to launch a mobile app then you are losing the best opportunity as 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months.

If you are thinking that mobile apps cost you more then you can make your web-store mobile friendly so that customers find it easy to purchase from your web-application without any hassle.

Using OpenCart themes will help you to provide the best experience to your customers. No matter which device your customers are using. It will look graceful on every digital module.


In the end, no matter how much e-commerce evolves in this era, it still has to cope-up with challenges and win the heart of customers in every possible way. Although, it’s not a physical retail store when any bad experience occurs and customers go there a second time anyway. It’s a digital store. One bad experience with one customer means you will lose 6-10 potential customers.

However, there are lots of tasks to do, creating plans and executing them in good manners along with a significant strategy to stay alive in an e-commerce competition world.

About The Author

Nikunj Radadiya is a Content Writer and SEO optimizer at Webibazaar Templates. Specialized in Creative Content, Digital Marketing Ideas and helps eCommerce stores for branding on the Digital Platform.