What Should You Know About Parallax Scrolling

Let’s be honest with us: between clients and designers there will be always communication problems. At the first sight it may be annoying, but in fact it’s totally normal. Each trade has its specific vocabulary and it’s impossible for someone to know everything. i.e., I am very impressed by medics that tell tons of unknown words to inform that someone…

Infographic: What Are the Critical Elements for Your Homepage

What is the main objective of your homepage? Do you feel your homepage designs has successfully achieved the targets you expect? How to attract more traffic, educate your visitors then convert them into buyers? The answer is, your homepage should have the most critical elements, no matter you like them or not. Since your visitors needs a way to identify…

Selling WordPress Themes – Pros and Cons

WordPress was launched ten years ago and if we were to take into account its age as far as the online environments is concerned, this CMS represents a true veteran. Very few web related entities resisted for so many years. It’s the supreme prove that WordPress, despite having many major flaws, is a great CMS. It has a major influence…

How To Design a Simple and Flat vCard in Photoshop

vCard or Virtual Card is a very simple Portfolio Website. There are only a single page portfolio, with your photo, your name and your specialiation also some social accounts. So to help you in designing your own vCard, in this tutorial we’ll be creating a simple vcard in flat design with the time estimation is 45 minutes. Let’s get started!

Must Have Single-Page WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress is still a greatest platform to run a website today, because the easy to use, powerfull and customizable. As a business owner of design studio you need to showcase your awesome works online and drew new clients in simple and minimalistic ways. Well, single page website is your solution and WordPress has many attractive Single-Page Portfolio websites that available….

22 Clean and Minimal Portfolio Website Designs

The mean of minimal design in portfolio websites is focus on typography and your portfolio contents. This design layout help visitors focused on the most important information on your website, improving user engagement and also improving website load times. Previously we have a showcase of 20 Super Minimalist Portfolio Websites, and today we have another 22 collection for your inspiration….

Five Web Design Trends That Will Continue in 2014

Web design isn’t a linear growing domain, various influences come and go. Somehow it’s logical, and the main reason of these permanent changes is the user. He is the one that decides the faith of web design movements. Some years ago, skeuomorphism was the main approach when designing websites- everything should look glossy and shiny and to perfectly imitate the…

15 Best Flat Responsive Portfolio Website Templates

We are continue to publish best portfolio website templates series posts to help you creative peoples build beautiful, great looking and professional websites with the price below $50, previously we have 10 minimal wordpress portfolio themes that will help visitors focus on your contents and faster website.

Case Study: How To Create a Portfolio for A Photographer

Even if a web designer spends the most part of his working time in an office, it doesn’t mean that his job is boring and lacks any extreme situations. It’s true that the adrenaline level isn’t the same as the one of a hitman, but undoubtedly there are tons of difficult moments and a huge pressure when a new product…