What is CPC for ecommerce advertising

What is Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for eCommerce Advertising

CPC (cost per click) is known as an eCommerce marketing metric that calculates the amount of money that an advertiser pays for each PPC marketing campaign. The paid advertisements are always considered a growth driver for most businesses, and they’re essential to monitor pay per click and maintain the return on investment (ROI). If you’re trying to work out the Cost per Click of an Ad campaign, use the CPC calculator to calculate cpc and the number of clicks.

This model is usually used by most of the online platforms like Google AdWord& Facebook. To make the marketing expenses more beneficial, it is important to understand the campaign’s cost and specific advertising goals. In PPC advertising campaigns, it indicates the attention that is given by each click to the individuals who search for the particular offers for the business.

What is CPC?

Cost per Click or CPC is a pay-per-click bidding model in which you pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement. It is a technique to calculate the price of a click on the advertisement banner.

Google Adwords is the most commonly used CPC model for online ads. You can calculate cost per click by a CPC formula or use the cost per click calculator to calculate the CPC based on cost & click.

What is the importance of cost per click in advertising & marketing?

In advertising & marketing, CPC is important because it helps us in different ways such as, in understanding your investments to figure out your earned clicks on the ads, it compares how your campaign can perform, and also helps to know which of the advertising strategies provides you the best ROI (return on investment).

The cost per click or CPC can work as a thermometer to figure out your ad campaigns’ performance. If you have an inflated CPC, it means that you can make it better by improving the quality score or adapting the targeting ads. In these cases, calculating the CPC might be complex for you, but you can use the CPC calculator by Calculator-Online.net for ease.

What determines your CPC?

Below are some of the factors that determine you’re CPC, whether you’re advertising on Google or Bing:

Max Bid

Your max biding tells you how much you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Quality Score

Your quality score is sourced from various elements such as your relevant keywords, landing page quality, and CTR.

Ad Rank

It comes from the factors that are inside & outside your control; it includes the context of a person’s search, the quality of your ad at the time of the auction, and your bidding amount.

Remember that you can make an impressive return from the pay-per-click advertising campaigns if you maintain a high-quality score. Calculating the CPC for an ad campaign becomes a daunting task sometimes, but you can give a try to an online CPC calculator to determine the targeted cost per click for your advertising campaign.

How to calculate CPC

Cost per click is calculated by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks. Your CPC is based on actual CPC, and it is considered the actual amount that you are charged for a click on your ad. You can also use the standard formula for cost per click, and it looks like this:

CPC = AD rank of the Ad below yours / quality of your campaign

This formula will help you determine how much you will each time a person clicks on your advertisement. Instead of using the CPC calculation formula, you can use the CPC Calculator by Calculator-Online.net to get an ideal CPC.

How to calculate the average cost per click

You can check the cost per click when you want, and it is helpful for you at the time of discussing the CPC in advertising to know the average CPC. You can calculate this amount for a particular ad campaign or group. You can calculate the average CPC of your ad campaign by CPC average formula:

Average CPC = total cost per click / Total Clicks

If you have problems with the manual calculations, you can account for the free CPC calculator.

Factors that are involved in eCommerce advertising

Factors that are involved in ecommerce advertising

Illustration by Toni Lijic via Dribbble

Your eCommerce advertising cost per click depends on the ad network and some factors specific to that ad network. If we look at the Google Ads, we can see that it uses the following factors to calculate the CPC:

#1. Maximum bidding

It is considered as the first factor that influenced the price that you pay for CPC e-commerce advertisements is your maximum bid. This is the highest amount of money you’re willing to pay when somebody clicks on the advertisement.

Your actual CPC may be less than the maximum bid, but you need to set the bid as your limit that specifies how much to pay to obtain leads. For ease, try the cost-per-click calculator to perform the CPC calculations.

#2. Ad Rank

Ad Rank also impacts your cost per click, and you can use the value of ad rank that allows you to determine the ad position concerning other ads. It is based on the bid amount, auction time, ad quality, context of the search made by a person, and some other factors.

#3. Quality Score

The quality score tells you how Google AdWords rates your ad, and it depends on the CTR (click-through rate), keyword relevancy, and the quality of the landing pages. It is important to select the appropriate keywords and use them with useful landing pages to improve your quality score.

For improving the quality score, it is beneficial to know the number of clicks on the ads; for convenience, you can utilize the CPC calculator to find the number of clicks depending on cost & cost per click.

#4. Bid Amount

If you want to run a social media ad campaign, you need to state how much you spend money on a particular action. Some examples include views, conversions, and clicks. You can set the amount that you want to spend each time whenever someone completes that action.

It is important to keep in mind that you’re competing with your competitors when you place the ads on eCommerce advertising platforms. Before setting up the bid amount, calculate the cost per click with an online CPC calculator’s assistance to set the best bid amount for your ad campaigns.

#5. Ad Relevance

One of the best things about the CPC social media campaigns is that you can target a particular audience you want to target or reach. In this way, you can reach the people who are interested in your business.

If your ads are relevant, then they will blend into their news feed. It just looks like the photos on Twitter or Instagram. It makes them click the ad because they’re to the ads that are similar to other posts.

#6. Importance of Ad Relevance

This is why it is important for the ads relevant to your targeted audience for your eCommerce audience. Social media websites always want to provide this experience where content & ads are combined. Your content for the advertisements must be relevant for the audience because it can impact your cost per click.

The chances are high to get the best CPC if the audience gets the most relevant ads on their social media platforms. You can also calculate the CPC for this social media ad campaign using the cost per click calculator.

What is a good cost per click?

To understand what makes the cost per click good, it is beneficial to understand some industry averages. However, there is no specific answer to this question. Still, you can understand it as it depends on your industry’s average & how much you can spend money to drive conversions & quality website traffic.

Let’s suppose a company with a high product value will accept the far higher cost per cost compared to the lower value for the product or services.

Ways to lower your cost per click

If you want to get the best results for your e-commerce ad campaigns, all you need is to keep your cost per click low. Here are few ways that can be used to reduce your cost per click advertising campaign cost.

Refine your audience

Mostly, this factor is ignored by the advertisers, but it is one of the big factors that impact the cost per click or pay per click and social media ads. This is because you’re targeting a particular audience interested in buying your products or services, which makes them want to hit the ad. Refine the audience to lower the cost per click.

Create the relevant ads

It is obvious, but creating the more engaging & relevant ads is considered the important factor for improving your cost per click. The reason is that it affects both PPC and CPC ad campaigns. You can say that it is the contributing factor to impact the quality score of the ads.

Relevancy of the ads helps to get higher cost per click. In some situations, the CPC calculations become difficult, so you can try the CPC calculator to get an ideal CPC according to the ads’ clicks and cost.


Ecommerce advertising is going popular day by day, and internet advertisers use various payment models for online campaigns. Cost per click is one of them, and the advertisers most commonly use it.

This model generates a cost that is charged to the advertiser whenever someone clicks the ad. Sometimes calculating the cost per click becomes tough, but the CPC calculator makes it easier